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We had the privilege of completely rebranding Moditude, a unique fashion startup that embodies the fusion of fashion and attitude. Our goal was to create a fresh and compelling brand identity that resonated with Moditude’s target audience while highlighting their commitment to empowering individuals through fashion.


Collaborating with Moditude on their rebranding project was an inspiring experience. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final execution of the new brand identity, our team worked closely with the client to understand their vision, values, and target market. Their passion for empowering individuals through fashion fueled our creative process, resulting in a successful rebranding campaign that exceeded expectations.








In the initial chapter of our client’s transformative journey, we delved into a myriad of challenges that demanded our strategic prowess. Here, we unravel the specific hurdles that stood in the way, creating a narrative of obstacles that awaited .


Rebranding Identity

The challenge was to revitalize Moditude’s brand identity while preserving its essence and values, striking a delicate balance between evolution and authenticity.


Messaging Alignment

Ensuring that the new brand messaging effectively communicated Moditude’s empowering ethos and commitment to sustainability posed a challenge, requiring careful crafting and alignment.


Visual Transformation

Transforming Moditude’s visual elements, including logo, color palette, and imagery, presented a challenge in creating a cohesive and impactful brand image that resonated with the target audience.


Having navigated the challenges, the second chapter of our client’s journey outlines the strategic solutions and innovative methodologies we employed to overcome obstacles. Here, we illuminate the transformative steps taken to turn challenges into opportunities.

Strategic Branding

We took a strategic approach to redefining Moditude’s brand identity, conducting in-depth market research and stakeholder interviews to uncover insights that informed our rebranding strategy, ensuring alignment with Moditude’s values and aspirations.

Empowering Messaging

To effectively communicate Moditude’s empowering ethos, we crafted compelling brand messaging that emphasized self-expression, confidence, and individuality, resonating with the target audience on an emotional level while highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Visual Cohesion

Through meticulous design and creative exploration, we revitalized Moditude’s visual elements, including a refreshed logo, vibrant color palette, and captivating imagery, creating a visually cohesive brand image that reflected the brand’s personality and appealed to the target demographic.

We transformed Moditude into a fashion powerhouse, marrying boldness with elegance and sustainability with style – because fashion should empower, express, and make a statement.


Week 1-2
Research & Discovery

During this phase, we conducted comprehensive research to understand Moditude’s target audience, competitive landscape, and brand positioning, laying the groundwork for the rebranding strategy.

Week 3-6
Creative Development

With insights gathered, we developed a strategic rebranding plan encompassing brand identity, messaging, and visual elements. Creative development included logo design, brand messaging, and visual exploration to bring the new brand identity to life.

Week 7-8

In the final weeks, we implemented the new brand identity across all touchpoints, including website redesign, marketing collateral, and social media assets. The rebrand was officially launched with a strategic rollout plan to maximize impact and engagement.

Impact of the work performed

Embark on a journey where every action is a catalyst for profound change, as our strategic approach unfolds to create a lasting impact on tasks, projects, and beyond.

Increase in brand awareness​


Growth in sales


Likely to recommended

The ForgeAxis team exceeded our expectations in rebranding Moditude. Their strategic approach, creative vision, and dedication to capturing our brand’s essence were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. We are thrilled with the results and excited for the future of Moditude under our new brand identity.

Omme Redwana

Founder at Moditude

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